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Joy Mason

A 4x National Champion roller figure skater and Ohio Skater of the Year, Joy has been skating for 18 years and has competed in figures, loops, freestyle, and dance. Joy is excited to teach the next generation of skaters! Joy is a Certified Instructor by the Roller Skating Association International.

Joy specializes in teaching beginner skaters of all ages.  


Please call or email us with any questions and inquiries!



$15/half hour

Monday-Wednesday after 5pm (May 29-July 31)

Must register and prepay for a three-week block

Time determined between Joy and Skater

Available for all skating levels. Must pre-register!


Call/text Joy with questions (440) 382-6443

Taught by Joy Mason


Not offered at this time, consider taking a semi-private lesson with Joy or Lou! Small group rates are available. Contact either Coach for more information.

     FAQs on Group Lessons

  • Are the free admissions to the open skates transferrable? 

    • No. Only the enrolled skater can use the free admissions. The free admissions and skate rentals can only be used for the open skates immediately following the lessons they skated in. ​

  • Is there an age limit? 

    • No! Skating is fun for all ages. The upper age limit is dependent on each person's physical capabilities. Roller skating requires a full range of motion, and it is likely that you will fall down during each lesson, so you must be able to swiftly get up and down. The lower age limit is dependent on if a kid is able to focus and effectively take instruction for an hour without interrupting the class. 

  • Can I bring my own skates?

    • Yes! Please ensure that the skates are quads (two wheels in front and back), have clean wheels that roll well, and have toe stops in the front. All skates are subject to inspection upon arrival, and Joy reserves the right to ask any skaters to use rental skaters during each lesson if the outside skates do not function or fit properly. ​

  • Can parents be on the floor? 

    • No. Parents on the floor can be a big distraction to other skaters. Part of learning how to skate is the beginning struggle!  ​

  • Can I use inlines? 

    • No. I was trained to skate and teach in quads. I love inlines, but for your skater to get the most out of my lessons, I ask that everyone uses quads. You are welcome to bring inlines to use during the open skates if you would like. The most basic skills are transferrable, but not all skills will be. ​

  • Can my beginner use the skate-mates/trainers? 

    • No. Trainers do not always aid a skater's development, as they do not encourage proper skating posture or technique. You are welcome to rent them during the open skate for $5, but I highly discourage it. Part of learning how to skate is the struggle, as this is where you learn the most about what to do and what not to do. ​

Any other questions? Contact Joy at or (440) 382-6443. 


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