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Open Skate Party Options:

  • Thursday | 6-8pm

  • Friday | 7-10pm *

  • Saturdays or Sundays | 2-4 pm

Fun for ALL ages! 

How do I book my party? 

1. Check our party availability below. You are looking for "OPEN Birthday Party Slot - Open Skate"! 

2. Choose a Basic or Deluxe Package (see below for more info)


4. We'll send you a confirmation email, then place your non-refundable deposit and submit your party agreement within two weeks of booking - one week deadline if booking less than 31 days before the party date. Please see below for our deposit policy.

If you have any questions, contact Joy at JoysRollerRink@gmailcom or call/text her work cell at (440) 382-6443.



Checks are to be made out to Joy's Roller Rink.

Birthday parties must have a minimum of 10 guests.

If there are less than 10 guests, you will be charged for the minimum of 10 guests.

You may bring in your own cake and ice cream, but you may NOT bring in outside food. We will store ice cream for you, but you must bring your own utensils, plates for ice cream, etc. 

Any guests not on the guest list must pay the full price of admission and skate rental if they choose to skate!

* Party packages are +$2/guest for Friday night parties. The Basic package becomes $17/skater and Deluxe becomes $19/skater.


Basic Package



Access to a private party room

Free admission

Skate rental

Free popsicles 

One free drink per skater

2 for 1 admission coupon

Free glo stick for the birthday child

Skate trainers are not included.

Deluxe Package



Everything in the Basic package

PIZZA for every guest! 

Skate trainers are not included.

* +$2/guest if booking on a Friday Night. $17 for basic, $19 for deluxe.

Policy on Deposits

  • If booking more than 31 days before your party date, nonrefundable-deposit is $100 and is due within 2 weeks of submitting your reservation request. 

  • If booking less than 31 days before your party date, your deposit will be $150 for Basic Package parties and $170 for Deluxe Package parties ($170 for Basic Friday night parties and $190 for Deluxe Friday night parties). Deposits are due within one week of submitting your reservation request. 

Cancellation/Date Change Policy

  • All deposits are non-refundable once paid.

  • After paying your deposit, if you request to change the date of your party, you will be subject to the following fees in addition to the deposit. Any fees will be added to your final bill the day of your party.

    • Request a date change more than 31 days before your party: $25 change fee​

    • Request a date change 15-30 days before your party: $50 change fee

    • Request a date change 8-14 days before your party date: $75 change fee

    • Request a date change 7 days or less before your party: change fee equal to your deposit 

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